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Flood, Fire, Emergency building works –  If your premises are compromised you will be unable to meet your contractual obligation to open.

But what if there was an immediate solution. A pop-up pharmacy providing a safe clean secure environment for clients and staff to operate that avoided the substantial loss of revenue? Portapharma is the answer.

Our units are extremely secure and designed to offer the pharmacy either emergency or temporary re-location within 48 hours anywhere on the UK mainland.

Our units are fitted with all the elements of a Pharmacy, from retail shelving and counter throughout to the fully operational storage of medicines, processing work stations and finished script retrieval. This is geared to offer YOUR patients uninterrupted services and mitigate financial loss from unforeseen closure.

Portapharma is available in 20, 30 and 40 foot units all based on the nature of onsite services.

For more information please contact our sales team on 01704 823600