The PSS Lockable steel cabinet is a perfect supplement to our range of standard storage solutions. Designed for Pharmacies, clinics, vets and Hospital wards the steel cabinets offer a strong storage solution with added safety.  Our vertical metal roller door reduces aisle width requirements and allows for a wide range of uses within the premises or area.  Installed with the PSS modular post system the units can be modified to suite your precise requirements with pull out drawers, fixed shelving types and even a pull out work top.  Ideal for storage of clinical trial medicines, restrictive sensitive drugs and on ward secure storage.

PSS Lockable steel cabinet with pull-out worktop and FIFO stock drawers.

PSS steel cabinets are made from pressed mild steel then weided for extra strenth. Coated with a hard-wearing epoxy-powdered finish and fitted with aluminium roller shutters for ease of use.

Technical Specification