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Design / Planning / Implementation

How We Work

PSS understands the needs of an efficient and safe dispensing environment.

Our services embrace the guidelines of the National Patient Safety Agency, and we actively incorporate these key factors in our retail and 3D designs. PSS acknowledge the needs for a safe and efficient design; with many years experience within the retail and NHS sectors, we can deliver full systems incorporating both traditional and modular systems.

The ergonomic layout of a Pharmacy has to be geared around compliance and the stakeholders work processes; our consultants understand the need to communicate, and with our own design team we work closely with the client to develop and install the best system for an aesthetic and ergonomic work flow.

Our design team excel in offering 3D CGI floor plans and scaled layouts to carefully plan all the equipment required to deliver the optimum pharmacy and work environment.

Our flexibility in design and equipment makes the PSS range perfect for the smallest dispensary and the largest hospital. We specialise in all aspects of the refit both retail areas and dispensaries: See our gallery

Pharmacy Storage Solutions special services
  • Many years of experience in the retail installation and build.
  • specialists in pharmacy shelving and retail solutions.
  • In-house design and visualisation services.

Our product bays

Units can be connected to create runs of pull out drawer systems either free standing or wall mounted. We can offer a fully modular system and or offer a combination of traditional dispensary fit.

The modular nature of our pharmacy shelving bays creates a flexible system, it allows for constant upgrades and staff can adjust the shelves within bays and change the drawers and shelves to suit the ever changing demands of the work flow.

Work benches are created from our steel support frame system and this allows for pharmacy drawers and or an array of timber additions to the bench shape area; extending and transforming bays further adds to the adjustment to work routine changes.

Our Pull out drawers

PSS pull out drawers can hold up to 100 average stock boxes, which offer a FIFO stock principal with easy access and view of product. Drawers can be angled or horizontal depending on your location. Pull out drawers offer the best FIFO stock control. Stock is replenished to the rear of the selected stock in each drawer and the out of stock is taken from the front. Our PSS 02 stock bay can hold up to 1000 average sized items offering a high stock density per 800 wide module.

With an array of sizes we can add drawers to most locations and combine this with traditional shelving to offer the best ergonomic work flow. SEE above. Acrylic dividers offer the practitioner the choice of stock demarcation and helps to reduce selection errors.

A NEW and additional feature to out drawer system is that they are coated with the latest antibacterial paint to assist in reducing the spread of infection.

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