We understand the needs and requirements of Pharmacy, we know they are not all the same and have different roles to fulfil within the health sector. Our philosophy is geared to meet these challenges. From End to End we offer a full in house service to achieve the best for all our customers.



We have XX years of experience in the retail installation and build.


We are the specialists in pharmacy shelving and retail solutions.


We offer an In-house design and visualisation services.


Knowing the Job

Our experienced and skilled consultants will work closely with you to understand what you want to achieve from your new Pharmacy. We don’t just look at the space we will help you realise the best from your area and budget.

Site surveys

We always want to see the space, make detailed measurements and understanding the area is key to offering the best design and build. Start right and finish well is our motto

Initial plans

Putting Ergonomic principals through our design, products and build is key to the best plan. Directing the flow of information and goods is vital to producing an effective, safe and more efficient Pharmacy.


Our design team have years of retail and Pharmacy planning experience from High street Chemists , dispensing Doctors and major Hospital pharmacies all over the globe. The size of project or location is not an issue for us. Creating 3D virtual models of the pharmacy are a vital part of our design offer, allowing the customer to see the plans in reality and engages in quality feedback.

Planning and implementation

This has to be compliant and safe for patients and staff. Your wellbeing matters, the best use of space must be the best for staff as well. we will guide you through every step of the process, we keep the implementation close in house to ensure we deliver on our agreed designs.


Installation is critical to the success of the project. We understand your requirement to remain open and functioning throughout this process. Our modular equipment and experienced fitters are all working to a pre prepared time plan policy. Our earlier detailed understanding of the project has all been geared to this final delivery and implementation on time.

Creating a time lapse

We always look to ensure uninterrupted services and reduce pressures from the refit. To ensure un interrupted services are maintained we can move your pharmacy into our Unique Portapharma containers. These are fully equipped mobile temporary Pharmacies. These totally self-contained units allows for a greater refit window without reduction in services.

End Goal

Finishing off is as important to us as the start of the process. Our engineers will ensure we stay with you until the project is formerly handed over. The modular nature of our equipment allows for constant review and we remain on hand to help you achieve your goals.

Our services embrace the guidelines of the National Patient Safety Agency, and we actively incorporate these key factors in our retail and 3D designs.

PSS acknowledge the needs for a safe and efficient design; with many years experience within the retail and NHS sectors, we can deliver full systems incorporating both traditional and modular systems.


The ergonomic layout of a Pharmacy has to be geared around compliance and the stakeholders work processes.

Our consultants understand the need to communicate, and with our own design team we work closely with the client to develop and install the best system for an aesthetic and ergonomic work flow.


Our design team excel in offering 3D CGI floor plans and scaled layouts to carefully plan all the equipment required to deliver the optimum pharmacy and work environment.

Our flexibility in design and equipment makes the PSS range perfect for the smallest dispensary and the largest hospital. We specialise in all aspects of the refit both retail areas and dispensaries.