PSS have fitted many Independent High street Pharmacies as we fully understand the need for uninterrupted service whilst the need to refit is often acute. High street pharmacies are usually found in traditional older shop premises that makes refit difficult.

Our approach, design, equipment and experience in fitting and interior building works makes us a UK leading provider in this area.

PSS has an array of solutions that will make the transformation as easy as possible starting with weekend work and our temporary Portapharma Pharmacy units helping to offer temporary relocation whilst remaining open to the public.  This new unique time window allows PSS to effectively re build a more efficient pharmacy in less time than our competitors.

New retail interior by PSS

Traditional timber shelving and poorly inefficient layouts are easily redressed with our design and refit services.  Replacing fixed shallow timber shelving with medicines vertically stacked, stretched across metres of wall space,  “creates a spaghetti walk” for staff to retrieve and stock the shelving.  A lack of work top space creates further frustration and delay in the making and storage of finished scripts.  Most independent retail dispensaries are fitted with basic kitchen units that offer poor access and storage. See below.

Timber Shallow
Old style work top units
Old style dispensaries

The PSS approach to re designing the Pharmacy is based on experience gained over 30 years of retail fitting and ergonomic storage and display principals.  Taking our knowledge of better design and efficient layouts we have worked for most High street store Groups with stock planning and efficient storage solutions.  These benefits and efficiencies can be easily transported across all retail Pharmacy to provide the best use of space through better choices of equipment and ergonomic layouts.

Our approach is to create a designed layout encompassing 3 main elements

  1. Better stock storage using our pull out drawer for faster, safer FIFO ( First In First Out) stock storage and to reduce the area needed for volume. Our drawers offer double the linear storage space of conventional shelving. Creating a wall of stock as shown created a linear efficient way of retrieving stock. The replenishment of stock is 3 times faster and creates time savings in selection.
  2. Creating extra work top space to process medications with wall and island benching, including drawers makes for more effective space.
  3. Creating a finished script collections area using our deep pull out drawers make for a faster delivery service to patients.

Ergonomic design principals create a more modern and cost efficient dispensing process and offers a return on investment.

Retail counters
Pull out FIFO stock drawer
Wall of stock
Serving counters have script drawers inside the counter and to the side for quick retrieval.
Finished script storage drawers