Wye valley Trust

Wye Valley NHS Trust appointed PSS to re-design and refit the whole Primary dispensary at their Hereford hospital site.  Following several site meetings and product testing, the Trust and their Lead Pharmacist, Mr Shaun Jones opted for our back-to-back space saving pull-out drawers rather than Link 50 plastic drawers.

Our design team produced multiple 3D model designs to allow the Pharmacy team to see the virtual dispensary and engage in the ergonomic work flow of the Dispensary stores.  This design input helped to produce a better working layout and stock storage.

Project-managed to complete over 2 stages to reduce the disruption to the Pharmacy, installation took place over two weekends fitting some 345 drawers and Bulk storage shelves into 31 bays. The project included a dedicated packing bench, and picking trollies.

The linear layout met the brief to create a rapid section and stocking process. Using the unique tote trolley Boxes allowed stocking in a more ergonomic and efficient order.

Mr Shaun Jones was delighted with the service and said:  “ The product was selected after a 6 month testing and our results matched the recommendation from PSS. The pull out drawers, back to back make an excellent use space and allow for high level of stock per drawer and the durability of the system made our selection an easy choice. The installation was smooth and was made very easy by the professional approach of PSS.